Wk 8 – Artist Interview – Laura Scattergood

This week, the gallery that captured my immediate attention from the moment i looked at it from the outside was Laura’s show, in the Merlino Gallery. Right when entering the room, the attention of the viewer is some what directed towards the center wall of the room, where there was a mirror. On the sides of the room there were also strings attached from the end to the from of the room steering the attention to the mirror as well. From under the rug, there could be seen a pile of ammunition. The room was full of guns pointing directly at who ever entered the room. I found this to be incredible well thought out and intelligent.


Laura’s reasoning on this exhibition was the fact that society works differently now, that did back then. The older generation of our time are more shocked about massacre shootings then are the younger generations because they are used to the these things. The ultimate thing that sparked Laura’s mind to create this was the shooting in Canada, she is ultimately interested in what the people think and view these kinds of things. Laura stated that the room forces the viewer to look at oneself in their and realize that we too, may be a contributing factor to all of these things.

IMG_2935  IMG_2944    IMG_2946


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