Wk 8 – Activity – Remix Culture

This week our activity was to do some remixes of our own and i decided to do just that. i gathered a clip from an all time favorite film from our generation and added incorporated a different song in to the scene. The movie clip is from Mean Girls and the song excerpt is from Ciara, called 1 2 step. I decided to chose this movie because i  think it is one that mostly the majority of people have seen over these years, and i thought it would be funny to incorporate another song in which has nothing to do with the movie itself.

I think the concept of Copyrights are important because if someone created something amazing so to speak, they would want to take the credit for doing so. It would not be fair if someone else came along and and used this amazing thing and called it their own, it would not be fair because they did nothing, and are taking credit for it. I created by remix culture by recording a snip it of the movie scene Mean girls and uploading it to iMovie, then taking a song from my iTunes account and added it to the movie clip so it would go with the beat and the moves of the girls dancing.


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