Wk14- Classmate Interview- Jacky Mares

This week i had the opportunity to meet Jacky Mares. Jacky is a third year here at CSULB. She is currently a Health Science major, she just recently switched from Biology because she did not know what exactly she wanted to go reach with that major. She hopes to become a Genetic Counselor with her Health Science major so she is very content with the decision she made. Prior to CSULB Jacky went to Washington Prep. Jacky does not dorm, she lives at home and is very happy with that. She said she does not mind being a home, she is no rush to move out. At some point in her life Jacky hopes to attend Medical and Grad school. Jacky likes any type of movies, but super hero and action movies in particular. Jacky really enjoys going to concerts. Her most recent favorite concert she attended was System of the Down. I hope i get see more of Jacky, she is super nice and friendly. IMG_3836


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