Wk14- Artist Interview- Rachael Gehr

This week students in The College of Arts exhibited their pieces of art that they had created during this semester. Unfortunalty not all of the artists were there including Rachael Gehr, but i did read her statement. Previously when she had her show i really loved the mysterious and celestial vibe that her work gave. This painting that was in this weeks gallery was one of my favorites. When i look at this piece it gives a outer space feeling, and all of the things that make up space itself floating around. Except the things were not planets they were animals. I love the way the zebras and the jelly fish are some what intertwined together and seem as if they are one. In the artists statement, Gehr is exploring the concept of spiritual animals. I love that she is trying to portray a sense of mystery in her work, challenging out views of reality. i think she is doing a great at that, in my personal opinion.

IMG_3828    IMG_3827


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