Wk 13- Artist Interview- Shihori Nakayam

This week’s art galleries were very interesting but the art show that caught my full attention was ‘Recapturing the Moment’ by Shihori Nakayam in the Dutzi Gallery. The techniques and the intricate details that was put into these amazing pieces of art work were amazing. Each photograph was incredibly drawn with incredible precision and delicacy. It really is amazing how this can be created by a person using only a pencil and pen.


I was amazed by all of the drawings, each pieces seemed to have a meaning behind it. All of the pieces in the back wall were all connected in one way or another. All of these drawings capture art styles from childrens books, Japanese historical printing blocks and magna.  If one would look very closely into these drawings, the line work was precise and fit perfectly together. I loves the drawings in the back wall, every square had so many drawings of cats, people, donkeys, trees, pencils and so on.

IMG_3744  IMG_3741   IMG_3742

Looking at these drawings, great detail was put in to each, shihori said that she was not sure how long each one took to complete but it did take her about 4 months to complete everything. Shihori does print beforehand but going back and drawing can take time. Shihori’s drawings express her feelings and her experiences through out her life. The artist hopes one day to be able to illustrate children’s books since she is receiving her MA in illustration.


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