Wk 12- Artist Interview- Ashley Sharpe

This week there were two galleries that stood out, but the gallery that stood out to me the most was Meow by Ashley Sharpe in the Merlino Gallery. Right when you enter the gallery, you are welcomed by a glittery stand box with the shaped letters spelling out Meow. This has been one of the few galleries i think that have come from a person that is essentially attempting to express herself by showing what it is that brings her joy, this gallery seemed super genuine and effortlessly amazing. I loved all of the images, some were drawn, others were photographs. The work that was put into some of the photos were pretty neat. She describes her work as mostly being Photolithographs, and as you can see, the majority of her work can be described as just that.

IMG_3536   IMG_3531

Ashley said that this gallery was to show off her joy for cats, even though she, herself has never owned a cat of her own. Ashley’s passion for cats emerged since most of her friends owned cats, eventually she grew a curiosity and love for them. In the near future Ashley hopes she can do more shows about cats, but she also hopes to do one about food.

IMG_3537  IMG_3543 IMG_3532


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