Extra Credit

The top 3 most favorite activities from this semester was: Social Photography, Kickstarter, and Web Design. I really enjoyed Activity 3. Social photography because it was amazing to see all of the different things that people do, while you’re doing something completely different, or maybe similar. My second favorite was activity 5. Arts Funding. I really enjoyed viewing a few of the many kick starters because it opened my eyes to the many things that people are inventing for the problems that we come across each and every day. The last activity that i enjoyed was activity 1. Web Design because i think this was a great way of beginning something that i can take with me, even after i graduate from CSULB.

My top 3 least favorite activities from this semester was: New Media, Architecture & Urban Planning, and Remix Culture. My least favorite activity was 4. New Media because it consists of us going out and doing things we would not normally do, i am a very reserved person so it was difficult for me. Second was 9. Architecture & Urban Planning because i am not good at designing and creating new things such as buildings. Third was 8. Remix Culture because i had never used iMovie or anything of that sort and it was frustrating and difficult for me.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108

Even though we basically  just listen Tuesdays, i really enjoy listening to all of the new and interesting things that you have to say. This short class period has introduced me to many things, i really enjoy when you show us videos, i especially loved the video from the graffiti all around the world. The only thing i did not like that we were put on the spot, i am very shy and would rather not be put on the spot, but that is just me.

B. Activities

Overall i think the activities were quite fun, but challenging all in one. I think these activities were great in opening us up to new things challenged us to think. I do have to say that the activities where we had to commute somewhere, it was hard because some didn’t have ways of transportation or time, such as going to Venice beach.

C. Artist Conversations

In the beginning of the semester the artist conversations were interesting and easy, but as the time went on, i feel like some of the artists became more and more picky about what questions we should have been asking and what questions we should have already known the answers to. I understand that they do not want to be repeating themselves or answering basic questions, but this is an introduction to Art, i don’t think they should expect so much form us.

D. Classmate Interviews

i really liked the classmate interviews because it enabled us to meet more people which made the class more fun and easy going since we already knew some of the people around us. I think the classmate interviews are great because it helps us see that we have so much in common with out classmates, we are all experiencing the same things.

E. Using your Website

Using our website i think was difficult in the beginning because i did not know how to make a wordpress or anything of any sort.  It was confusing to know how to make a post, edit it, or even edit our website in to different templates of our liking. Over time, week after week it was easier since we were using them each week. I think they were a great because we get to see some of our classmates websites and i also think creating our own website was really cool because we do not have to use it only for art 110, but other things that we would like to post.


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