Wk11- Artist Interview – Gabriel Garcia

As i began viewing the galleries, there was one that immediately caught my attention, I’ve got to say i don’t think I’m the only one. Right when i entered the room, massive words and phrases were jumping at me, at first i didn’t know what to think because i was not sure what this whole thing signified, all i could see were giant posters with phrases that seemed to describe a man from the general viewpoint of a society. I assumed from the phrases that it had something to do with masculinity because all of the posters were about men, and mainly in the physical aspect.

IMG_3359                         IMG_3362

Gabriel Garcia’s show in the gator-east gallery was called Toxic Masculinity. His main purpose was to show the negative affect masculinity has on males in todays society. The majority of the phrases were correlated with violence, therefore Gabriel wanted to portray the negative effects masculinity has come to signify and correlate itself with violence. There was a photo of in particular where a masculine arm was covered in words such as hit, rape, and kill.  This was his way of portraying how society views a masculine man, it is assumed that men are going to hit, rape, or kill someone because of their masculinity.

IMG_3370    IMG_3355

I found the fact that a male himself was the one that wrote these stereotypical phrases, quite odd because a man would not like to be portrayed in this kind of matter, but Gabriel went on and did so. Even though he did, he stated that this was not his perspective on masculinity, his purpose was to just show the way is it being portrayed in society as of today. I thought this to be a very brave and bold move, because it can offend quite a few people, so him doing so, he took a risk and went for it. I think he did a great job in capturing the viewpoints in todays society when a man is masculine.


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