Wk 10- Classmate Interview – Maddie Iwanaga

This week i had the opportunity to meet Maddie Iwanaga. Maddie really enjoys going to concerts, it is one of her favorite things to do, punk rock concerts to be specific. One of her favorite concerts that she has attended was Pierce the Veil. This is Maddie’s First year at CSULB. Maddie is currently a psychology major and is minoring in criminal justice. I thought this to be super cool because i too, am a psychology major so we similar interests. Maddie is currently dorming here at school, and says she really likes it because she has met a lot of people that have made her stay here at CSULB more enjoyable. She previously lives in San Demus. Maddie really likes going to the beach, which is one of her reasons why she chose to attend CSULB. In which school Maddie took Latin for 4 years, wishes to one day visit Rome and also enjoys watching horror movies. I found this to be so cool because i would one day, like to travel to Rome and my favorite type of movies are horror!  Since she was a little girl, Maddie has really enjoyed art and photography. Maddie says she misses her family at times but her friends help her adjust to this new life style.



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