Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Kalclica Chinn

During this week’s gallery views, the gallery that caught my attention was the Merlino gallery that featured “Curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought it back” by Klaclica Chinn and Amanda Ruiz. At first glance, the inside of the gallery, from the outside does seem sort of odd, adding that there was a sign that stated for one to proceed with caution. When i entered, i was token back by everything that there was to see. There were many tiny drawings, sculptures, and unknown boxes.


After getting to familiarize myself with what the things inside of the gallery, i began to understand its intentions. The gallery intended to show the general ways in which society views sex, what sex is according to society. Klaclica intended on portraying what sex really is, and not only the physical aspect of it, but the emotional and mental state of it. Since sex is merely more of an emotional and mental sense than physical. Klaclica and Amanda were both interested in the topic of sex and sexuality because these are things people hardly ever speak on, but are surrounded by every second of their life with out realizing. They both noticed that some of us were too embarrassed or shy to even enter the gallery in order to get a better look, another reason why this was important to them.

IMG_3250   IMG_3248   IMG_3247

I really enjoyed looking around and taking in every intricately drawn image that was placed on the walls because i feel as if this is something that is rarely ever talked about, but needs to be talked about. As a young child, sex is portrayed as a physical act between two people, two adults that is. It is made to seem as if it is something that is not well accepted, therefore we grow up feeling uncomfortable and not fully educated on the topic. And when we do come to an understanding of sex as we get older, it is society’s definition of sex, instead of the true act of sex and sexuality. I think this show is a great way to get people to open their minds and also to become more familiar and comfortable with the topic itself.

IMG_3240  IMG_3242  IMG_3241


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