Wk 10 – Activity – Students Choice

This week i decided to do one of Week 8’s choices when it came to remix culture. Week 8 i took a clip from a movie, Mean Girls and added a song that was entirely unrelated to the film. This time i decided to do a music mashup. This is the first time i have ever attempted on mashing up any song, so i had fun mixing and changing the beats of the songs. Since this is the first time i have ever done this, my mashup is not the best, but i tried and i feel proud of myself. In my remix i used “Titanium” by David Guetta, “Buzzcut Season” by Lorde and “Chandelier” by Sia. i chose these songs out of random from my music list and did my best in matching the beats. I will be honest and say that it is harder than it seems. I thought it would be easier mashing up songs. I mashed up these songs in Garageband. Garageband has many devices that allow you speed up, change or alter the music but the amount is entirely up to you. It was difficult to get the hang of at first but as i went along, it was a but easier.


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