Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Juliette Angulo

All of the galleries this week were very interesting but the one in particular that i found most fascinating and appealing was Juliette’s art show. This gallery had a couple of photos all of which there was a particular person cut out. When i first entered the gallery, the initial thing that caught was my eye was the fact that someone had been cut out. If someone where to cut out anyone from a picture, i would think it would be for a not so good reason. in this scenario, i guess you ca say the situation is not a bad one but not particularly a great one. The person that is seen to be cut out from all of the pictures in the gallery is Juliette’s sister, whom was recently deployed to the military. Juliette went on to say that these pictures signify the presence that she has left behind. Her presence is always missing ever since she left. Even though her sister left, she stated that her relationship with her sister did not go down hill but enhanced itself.


Even though the physical state of her sister is not around, the relationship between them did not disappear. This just goes to show that anything is possible with just a  little effort. Her sister is miles away, but they are able to keep the relationship between them going. i thought this gallery was so simple yet brilliant. When i look at these pictures, and you see that one person cut out, it changes everything about that picture. It really changes the way you look at it, the absence of that other person in the picture make you think about the people in the picture. How do they feel? what is going on their head?



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