Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Emily Babbette

This week i decided to write about La Vie en Noir by Emily Babbette and Romina Del Castillo. Their gallery show immediately caught my attention because it gave a different, dark, vibe then the rest of the gallery shows we have ever attended, i really liked that. The three paintings that caught my attention were created by Emily Babbette, which were her three favorite from her entire show.


The three paintings in the back wall all gave the same theme/ appearance. They all seemed to portray a dark, mysterious, and gloomy effect when i looked at them. They were all black and white charcoal, no color. Each painting had a women, each with the same distinct taste but different style. i really liked these paintings because the people in these drawings were realistically drawn, they way they were positioned, how they were dressed, their eyes seemed to tell a story of their own. Their faces each were intricately drawn with much detail. Emily Babbette stated that she asked her personal friends to dress up as to portray their personal musical culture. Each one was a female to emphasize girl power.


Emily recently began her first art show last semester. At first art was not something that she was thinking of pursuing, it was just something that she enjoyed. But slowly she developed skills and decided to show her skills and pursue an art major. At a young age, Emily has always loved art and has always loved making it. Emily has visited Europe and loved looking at all the art in museums and just all around, that was what made her want to pursue art even  more.



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