Wk5 – Activity – Kickstarter

These first 2  kickstarter videos are from the food category. The first one is ‘Green Pea Cookies – Absolutely Divine’ and the second is ‘Heavenly Brigadeiro needs a home.’ The video that caught my attention and was able to buy me into their project was ‘Green Pea Cookies – Absolutely Divine.’ I thought they did a great job convincing me that the green pea cookies indeed were delicious by showing a variety of people trying the product and showing their reactions to it, they seemed very genuine and not scripted. Unlike the green pea cookie project, ‘Heavenly Brigadeiro needs a home’ was not very convincing when showing off their project. They had various sweets but only showed one, they did not show anyone tasting nor commenting about their product even though it is said to be a signature sweet treat from Brazil, that everyone loves. The Brigadeiro project goal was $18,000 and the green pea project’s goal was $5,000. I personally feel like the Brigadiero project was asking to way too much when they weren’t giving enough for people to actually feel like all the money will do good, the green pea project was asking for $5,000 which i think is fair, not too much, not too little, it was attainable and reasonable.

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These next 2 kickstarter videos are from the technology category. The first one, ‘Speakers Thinner Than Paper’ and the second ‘Print: the first instant camera case for iPhone  and Android.’ The first kickstarter video did not do a very good job in convincing me into this project because it did not show what the “super thin” paper was made of, how exactly the audio was going to be transmitted from a device into the paper, what it looked like, neither how one was going to be able to use it. On the other hand, the kickstarter video ‘Print: the first instant camera for iPhone and android’ was very convincing because i thought this video did a great way in showing me that this product indeed was convenient and was worth funding for. This kickstarter showed how to use the product, with that one can use the instant camera with. I think it made reasonable remarks about its product. The instant camera case is supposed to enable one to print directly from your phone on the spot. i think this is great because like it stated, it would be nice to be able to share a memorable moment and be able to physically have a photo of that moment, right then and there. The instant camera case’s goal was $50,000 and the thin speakers’s goal was $73,500. i think the “Speakers Thinner than Paper’ is asking for way too much, going by their video i don’t think this product will be worth all that investment since they did not explain the product thuroughly neither  did they even convince me that this product worked. The instant camera kickstarted’s goal was a little less, $50,000 and i think this is reasonable because they did a great job in telling us about their product and made me want to be able to actually purchase that product.

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