Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Brianna Allen

Right when i enter the Gatov-East gallery, the piece of art that captured my attention from the first glance was this one, Mating Rituals IV. I thought this piece to very extremely beautiful and amazing. i know this is a chessboard, but one never comes across a chessboard made from tiny black and white grains of glittery salt like substances, this is not a typical chessboard. There was something about this that wouldn’t let me take my eyes off it, it was very intricately created, every piece was perfectly shaped and placed. This week’s artist was different than the rest, not to say the others weren’t as good. Brianna does not stay in one range of work instead works with anything that comes her way. She like and enjoys art and would of liked to be a jeweler, hence most of her art pieces in the gator-east gallery were jewelry pieces.


There was some beauty in this piece, one i think because it looks like it look quite a bit of time to arrange the tiny salt like crystals into the shape of a chessboard. Simple but alluring.


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