Wk3 – Classmate Interview – Anissa Torres

This week during our gallery viewing, i met Anissa Torres. She was super friendly and easy to converse with. we talked about many things such as our jobs. i learned that she works at Baskin Robins ! She told me that it can be a very fun but difficult at times. I think working in a food place can be very difficult since people at times can give you a hard time. While we were looking around in the galleries i found out that she has an identical twin names Crystal. This was crazy because i too have a twin, except we’re fraternal and  my twin is a male. How many  people can say that know someone with a twin, not many. i thought that to be super cool. Anissa attended high school and Wilson and enjoyed playing soccer through out her school years. Even though she no longer played soccer, she still really enjoys it.


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