Wk3 – Artist Interview – Ian Robertson Salt

This week the Werby gallery was the first gallery i entered, and the first piece of art that captured my attention was Ian Robertson’s work of charcoal. At first when i looked at it, i did not know what it was exactly, it was just different. it was not a typical image of person or thing like the rest of the paintings. When i first looked at it, the deer in the center was the main thing at caught my eye. it looked as if it was drawn perfectly. i loved that the deer was sort of like transformed into a tree because the jaguar and leaves were on the antlers of the deer. Its difficult to just zone in, into one thing because there are so many things going on in the painting, that it makes you think about what exactly lead to the creation of it all.

Ian Robertson has been creating and been around art since the age of five, he sort of just grew up with it. He minors in Native American Culture and that was what lead to the inspiration of this drawing. This drawing ultimatly began off with many different drawings that were just put together to evolve into its own thing. Ian stated that the eyeballs on the top are the heavens, the cougar is the celestial and the snake is the underworld.

When i look at this painting, it gives me a different perspective on the world. i don’t know exactly how to explain it but it makes me wonder, not all paintings that i look at make me think, this one is different, its super creative and original. The eyes on the top is like overlooking everything that occurs in the world, then its the animals, then the people. Its sort of like the chain of the world.


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