Wk3 – Activity – Instagram

This week our activity was to post at least four photos that would capture our day. As i went through the photos on Instagram, i feel like we are some what all connected when it comes to the first part of our day, which consists of getting up and going to school. But after school is out, we all go our own separate ways and do totally different things. Some of us stay home and study, watch movies, or just enjoy the rest of the night in our beds. On the other hand, other go out and go to the beach, stop by In-n-Out, the mall, the gym for a workout, or even the club. When it comes to the end of the day, there are so many things going on its crazy to think about. Thursday night i was sitting comfortably in my bed watching Fury while some of my other classmates were out at a club or other like my enjoying Netflix. i guess everyone spends their night differently. its cool seeing everything people are doing, it makes you realize that you can have the most opposite life from one person, but have a similar life with another.


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