Wk2 – Artist Interview – Chase Wolcott

During our visit in the art galleries, the gallery that caught my attention was the Werby Gallery. This gallery consisted of many paintings from different artists. But the painting that caught my attention went by the name “Discovery Channel” by Chase Wolcott. Chase said he named the painting “Discovery Channel” because it was in some way like the discovery channel, there were lions and a coffee shop, with people. During my conversation with Chase he said that the painting took him a while to sketch out, and come up with the figures since they were entirely created from his own perspective. When he first began painting this, he first sketched out the entire image on a pice of paper and from then on he used it as a guide to pain it on the larger canvas.

Chase being an artist said that he was not yet finished with his piece of art, he felt like it still needed some touching up to do. Personally i think it looked amazing as is, but as Chase claimed,” as an artist, your work is always going to feel like it needs something more.” Personally i think it looked amazing as is, i loved the painting.


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