Wk1- Activity – Web Design

What is culture? Culture is the way a group of indivduals separates themselves from others, using behavior, art, beliefs, and many other human work and thought. Culture is all of the different ways and forms people view and experience the world. Culture is the variety of ways people have designed the norms and any shared values of a society.

What is technology? Technology is the future and what is yet to come. Technology is anything that is man made and designed to make any task simpler and more efficient, such as a smartphone, laptop, iPod, even a pencil or the cars that make your car run.

What is art? In my humble opinion art is a way of expressing yourself in ways that words are not capable of describing or amounting to. Art is anything visual that the mind creates, not only a painting or drawing but it can be seen in dance and sculptures. It is what the mind can not put into words, it is a form of communication.


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